Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Style Inspo This Month

I'VE BEEN LOVING all these trends this month so I thought I would share a few things that have been inspiring my style.

// 90s chick flicks //

I watched Jawbreaker last night and.. WOW why have I never seen that film before?? i'm literally obsessing over the sunglasses in that film, major style inspo. And how beaut is Rebecca Gayheart in this film! 

ALSO Clueless!! love this film so much, brings out my inner sassiness and the style is literally me all over. My favourite Brittany Murphy was such a good character in this movie RIP beautiful!!


Literally.. just glitter, need I say more???

Glitter makes me feel like a fairy princess, whenever you're feeling down about yourself just pack on that glitter hunni!!

// Skater chicks //

I'm loving that grungy skater chick look recently, and i'm all about comfort in my fashion so this is so me..

// The 70s //

I was never gonna leave out the 70s, always my style inspo!!
I love all the vibes about this era, the laid back summer nights, not a care in the world. The style is awesome.



Monday, 25 July 2016

Soul Searching

For a while now I have been trying to discover who I truly am. What is my purpose on this earth? What am I here to do? When I really think, think about everything I want in life, one thing comes to mind at first.. TRAVEL. I really want to travel. It's really all i've ever wanted to do, Im so interested in other cultures and exploring all parts of the world and i don't think I could complete my journey without doing the one thing I've always wanted to do. 

But the first journey comes with discovering yourself. You first must have to discover who YOU really are before you go discovering and exploring other things. I want to live every day in total bliss and complete and utter happiness. What is stopping me from feelings this emotion? Myself. 

I have listed a few things I have done on this journey to discovering myself.


I love to read, but I never seem to set out time in my day to do so. So every night I have dedicated some time to reading more spiritual/self-help books. These are amazing tools to help you on the journey to enlightenment and discovering who you really are.


I cannot recommend journalling enough! It is something I haven't been doing for long, but I really do feel like it is a away to let out my thoughts and feelings. As i'm writing it forces me to think further into my thoughts, making things a lot clearer. Write down any ideas that come to you, any questions you have or anything that you feel is important.

Stop & think

Take some time out of your day to just stop. Think about life, about whats going on around you, anything. Delve deeper into your being, ask yourself "What is my purpose" and dwell on this, even just for a few moments.

Ask yourself this, if you had only one day left on this planet what would you do? and why aren't you doing it?


Saturday, 23 July 2016

How I became more compassionate

"People eat meat thinking they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass" - Pino Caruso

Becoming vegan was one of the best things I have ever done. It has taught me so many things, not just about all the pain & suffering that actually goes on in this world, but also about myself.

I had never really thought about what I was eating when I was eating it. All I really cared about was my food tasting good, and everyone ate it so why would I think any different? I had come across a few youtube videos about veganism (which I thought was some weird, hippie thing). Mika Francis was probably my main influence for going vegan, along with Stella Rae. I started veganism really because that is what my favourite youtubers were doing and I thought it seemed like a good idea. 

One day I decided to really look more into veganism and see what else it was really about other than a change of diet and some lifestyle changes. I started with the usual documentaries like Cowspiracy etc. And i understood how eating meat and dairy really does have such a huge effect on our environment. But still, I didn't really feel anything personally. Of course I wanted to make a difference and I was, but sometimes I would feel the urge to eat meat, or dairy and it didn't seem like any other vegans did. One day I decided to watch a documentary called 'Earthlings'. I have talked about this in a previous blog post but if you want to watch it you can find it on youtube. This documentary really brought to light what is actually going on, I could see it for myself, it was horrific. This is when I knew that it was all so wrong, I started to feel something personal. I wasn't just not eating meat or dairy because I shouldn't, i was doing it because i didn't want to contribute to the horrible suffering that these other beings have to go through their whole lives for the sake of a few minutes of our "pleasure".

'veganism is about living life without taking someone else’s'

This was probably the moment I learnt to be more compassionate. Who is to say that one beings life is more valuable than an others? You have to realise that your life is not more important than any other person/animal/living creature. We are all equal. 

"Compassion becomes real when we realise our shared humanity."


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Being Body Positive

Your body is your vessel, it keeps you alive, it is a temporary home. You are not your body, your body is not you, it is simply your shell. Why would you hate it? Stop judging yourself, stop finding things to hate, don't pick on yourself, bully yourself or put yourself down. Would you tell your friend they look fat/ugly?? NO so don't tell yourself that.

Beauty standards these days are UNACHIEVABLE literally no one looks like that. Who is to say that you are ugly and someone else isn't? Who decides? Society? it's not real, stop giving in to what they want. They want you to feel like your not good enough, these large corporations doing anything they can do make you buy their products. Not pretty enough? try this brand of make-up. Not skinny enough? try our brand of weight loss pills. You are being brainwashed into thinking you aren't beautiful. 

Everyone has flaws, everyone has insecurities. You just have to learn to live with them and love yourself. Your body does everything it can to keep you alive and you do nothing but point out its bad parts. What about the good? The fact you have a heart that is beating and pumping blood through your veins. Lungs that are strong and helping you to breathe. A BRAIN!!! So you can think and remember. WORSHIP your body.

Don't judge others based on their looks either, we are all human, we are all equal. We all have thoughts and feelings, never body shame someone, never say someone is 'ugly'. That is just one persons opinion. In the eyes of some others they are beautiful.

And last but not least, get rid of those horrible negative thoughts, they are doing nothing to help you. Be positive and love yourself, inside and out.


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How to be yourself in a world full of fake people

At first it sounds so simple 'just be yourself'??? like who else am I going to be. But really your not entirely yourself, because society has taught you a million ways in which to not be yourself. You are not yourself, you are a conditioned version of how society would like you to be.

In order to truly be yourself you must let go of all the layers. Everything you have been taught to hide, cover up and fear. Lose all judgements you have on yourself.

Your real true self is underneath all the negative thoughts and beliefs conditioned from society

// Monitor your thoughts //

Becoming more aware of your thoughts is a great way to learn what is real and what is fake. We have so many negative thoughts run through our minds every day, about us and about others. Observe your mind, don't judge your thoughts, don't change them, just let them come and go. Becoming more aware will bring us closer to becoming our real selfs.

// Follow your instincts //

If you feel a certain way, feel something is wrong, ANYTHING do it. It's so important to listen to your intuitions, they are there for a reason. You will take yourself on so many awesome journey's if you just listen to yourself! you want to travel? DO IT. You want to move to Chicago? DO IT. Obviously start with something smaller, like the urge to take a walk or go somewhere. Small changes can create habits which will turn into bigger changes!

I hope this helps you in some ways become more aware of who you really are without all the b******t.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Dreaming of LA

I've been feeling super inspired this month so I thought i would give you guys an insight into what I have been dreaming of this month.


I am literally obsessing over LA right now, I'm hoping to pay off everything I need to his year whilst i'm working full time so that I can move to LA for a few months and see how it goes! I don't know if you have heard of Stella Rae but she is an AMAZING youtuber who you should 100% check out -
she is moving to LA and has been spending a lot of time there and it looks unreal. There is such a large vegan community and everyone seems so like-minded and ahhhh I just wanna go there!!!

Cartia Mallan

Cartia has been a huge inspiration to me recently, i have been aweing over her videos and she really is a wise soul. She has so much to give to the world and at only 17 years old I can't imagine what she holds for the future. A real genuine girl looking to make a proper change in the world. Check out her youtube channel if you haven't already -

The Messy Heads

My favourite blog at the moment 'The Messy Heads' by Emma Mercury and her fellow messy heads, it is such a well written blog packed with useful information and great opinions it really is life changing. Emma has such a great outlook on life and what her and Cartia are doing with the messy effect is going to go so far! SUPER INSPIRING.

Hippie Style

Summer road trips, round sunglasses and a care free vibe are inspiring me a lot this month. I literally can't stop dreaming of road trips in an old camper van with great people and great music. I wanna sell all my stuff, move into a van and just travel with not a care in the world. I'm also loving the 60s/70s style atm which is great!

These are just a few things inspiring me this month, let me know whats inspired you in the comments!


Monday, 18 July 2016

5 things to do to when you're feeling uninspired

Every now and then I will find myself stuck in a rut with a lack of inspiration or motivation to do anything. I come home from work, go to bed and flick through my social media accounts mindlessly until I fall asleep and do it all over again tomorrow. Once you can get past this negative uninspired mindset and change your outlook your whole world will change with you.

Here is 5 things I like to do when I am feeling uninspired

Tidy your personal space - Take some time to organise your bedroom or any personal space you have. I always feel happier, motivated and more inspired when my bedroom is tidy and organised!

Do some yoga/meditate - Join a yoga class or watch some videos at home, yoga is a great way to relax and increase positive energy.

Start a journal - Start journaling, write about your day or your goals and stick to it everyday. Its a great way to inspire yourself when you read through past entries when you were feeling more inspired.

Eat better - It really is true when they say 'you are what you eat'. I always feel more energetic and motivated for life when I eat healthier compared to eating junk food (vegan of course). Start your day with a healthy breakfast and CARB TF UP.

Read a book - I always find reading spiritual/philosophy/self-help books always make me more inspired to be become a better me. I would recommend 'the art of happiness' by Howard C. Cutler as a great book for people who are just getting started with spirituality and self-help.

What are some of your favourite ways to get motivated and inspired?

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