Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How to be yourself in a world full of fake people

At first it sounds so simple 'just be yourself'??? like who else am I going to be. But really your not entirely yourself, because society has taught you a million ways in which to not be yourself. You are not yourself, you are a conditioned version of how society would like you to be.

In order to truly be yourself you must let go of all the layers. Everything you have been taught to hide, cover up and fear. Lose all judgements you have on yourself.

Your real true self is underneath all the negative thoughts and beliefs conditioned from society

// Monitor your thoughts //

Becoming more aware of your thoughts is a great way to learn what is real and what is fake. We have so many negative thoughts run through our minds every day, about us and about others. Observe your mind, don't judge your thoughts, don't change them, just let them come and go. Becoming more aware will bring us closer to becoming our real selfs.

// Follow your instincts //

If you feel a certain way, feel something is wrong, ANYTHING do it. It's so important to listen to your intuitions, they are there for a reason. You will take yourself on so many awesome journey's if you just listen to yourself! you want to travel? DO IT. You want to move to Chicago? DO IT. Obviously start with something smaller, like the urge to take a walk or go somewhere. Small changes can create habits which will turn into bigger changes!

I hope this helps you in some ways become more aware of who you really are without all the b******t.

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