Thursday, 14 July 2016

Living in the moment

We seem to live out our lives day to day always waiting for the moment where its going to get better. If we have a holiday coming up or even just waiting for the weekend, we are forever wishing our lives away and we forget to live in the only moment we will ever have.. the now.

Whatever you are doing; whether it be studying, working or just chilling on your phone, take a moment to focus on this exact moment. Take in all the sounds around you, focus on what is going on RIGHT NOW. Don't think or hope or wish for any other moment just realise how perfect this moment is. If you actually practice this you will notice that there are many things in your life that you missed or just ignored, simply because you weren't paying attention. You were too busy thinking of what you were having for dinner, what you are going to do tomorrow and that holiday you are going to be on next month.

WHAT ABOUT NOW?? surely now is all we will ever really have??? we are wishing our lives away, before we know it we will have grown old with no actual happiness because we never experienced just living in the moment.

So say you are wishing the days away until you go on holiday, then what? what happens when you get there? YOU START THINKING OF SOMETHING ELSE. Appreciate this moment. Only then will you find true happiness.

Jen x
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