Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Style Inspo This Month

I'VE BEEN LOVING all these trends this month so I thought I would share a few things that have been inspiring my style.

// 90s chick flicks //

I watched Jawbreaker last night and.. WOW why have I never seen that film before?? i'm literally obsessing over the sunglasses in that film, major style inspo. And how beaut is Rebecca Gayheart in this film! 

ALSO Clueless!! love this film so much, brings out my inner sassiness and the style is literally me all over. My favourite Brittany Murphy was such a good character in this movie RIP beautiful!!


Literally.. just glitter, need I say more???

Glitter makes me feel like a fairy princess, whenever you're feeling down about yourself just pack on that glitter hunni!!

// Skater chicks //

I'm loving that grungy skater chick look recently, and i'm all about comfort in my fashion so this is so me..

// The 70s //

I was never gonna leave out the 70s, always my style inspo!!
I love all the vibes about this era, the laid back summer nights, not a care in the world. The style is awesome.


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