Friday, 15 July 2016

You don't have to venture far to go on an adventure

It was 08:03am when I woke from a deep sleep. The sun was peeking through the blinds in my bedroom, I could hear the birds cheeping and could smell the scent of strong coffee and breakfast downstairs. I had been at work all week, so I finally had a day where I could do as I please. I felt energised as I grabbed a banana from the over-flowing fruit bowl and done the usual 'you're going for a walk' routine with the dog. As I walked through the bushes into puddles of mud, I could hear children playing at the park behind me. The grass was shining with dew, the flowers blooming and petals falling from the trees like confetti. I walked up the path, taking a moment to immerse myself in the surroundings. The country park, which I had walked through many times, now seemed so perfect and different. Now that I was becoming more mindful. I sat down against an old tree trunk just across from a running stream, taking it all in. Living in the moment. Becoming aware. Then I could really appreciate the true beauty of my surroundings.

It really is beautiful to go on an adventure. Even if its somewhere you have been before, take a different route to school or on your bike. Walk a path you've never walked. See whats hiding in that beautiful garden. GO ADVENTURE. You don't have to travel the world to go on an adventure. Open your mind and you can see the same place differently. Pack a bunch of yummy vegan snacks, some crystals, the book your currently reading, your journal, and head outside. Invite your friends or go on your own, it doesn't matter. Listen to the wildlife, or the traffic, the barking dog, just be aware.
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